"St. Aloysius School is a family of God where we can grow in Catholic Faith, Character and Knowledge."

"A true education aims at the formation of the human person with respect to his ultimate goals and simultaneously with respect to the good of those societies of which, as a man, he will be a member, and whose responsibilities, as an adult, he will share."   (Dec. on Ed. - Vatican II)

St. Aloysius School exists as a faith community of parents, students, teachers, parishioners, pastor, and board members to provide a Christian atmosphere enlivened by the Gospel spirit. The school's primary mission is to be an effective educational instrument of the Catholic Church. It is the unique task of the Christian community to teach the life of Christ and to assist the child in growing into the fullness of that life, thereby promoting the complete development of the person to the betterment of the world community.

The philosophy of St. Aloysius School is founded on the principle that the whole person is to be educated in an atmosphere of Gospel spirit and truth.

St. Aloysius School recognizes that the Christian family is primarily and principally responsible for the education of their children. Families have entrusted the school community with the task of helping each child find his/her own unique place in God's creation.

The integration of faith in the total curriculum ideally prepares students with skills, attitudes, and values which constructively shape society toward the Christian ideal. The goals of this philosophy embrace the dimensions of the whole person: spiritual, intellectual, social, psychological and physical.

"The purpose in view is that by living an exemplary and apostolic life, the Catholic graduate can become as it were, the saving leaven of the human family."   (Dec. on Ed. Art #8 Vatican II)

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